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2011-02-23 02:25:05 by MatteBlack



2010-11-10 01:56:11 by MatteBlack

Hi again! Just yesterday me and a fellow group of students went for an infocomm competition with the theme Green ICT. Our project was to create a game in which the player had to manage a cyber cafe by increasing the efficiency of the computers by upgrading them to the highest level possible, while at the same time making sure that not too much electricity is used in the process. It also includes quiz questions on green ICT that pop up at random intervals which if answered correctly, would give you money and efficiency points.

Doesn't sound that interesting or fun, but still managed to scrape a Merit award (runnerup prize). Ah well, better than nothing, I guess. I won't post the game here cos' the other guys didn't think that it would get much positive reviews, the game being mostly educational, but I will include a screenshot here.

I'm currently working on a bunch of other projects, I hope to upload something to the portal soon.



I have a new page header

2010-11-02 03:13:00 by MatteBlack

Thought the old one looked kinda crappy so yeah, the new one is right there.
-Random post #2 by yours truly

Halloween is over...

2010-11-01 01:11:33 by MatteBlack

Halloween is over! But back where I come from, no one really celebrates this festive occasion. If you dressed up as Darth Vader and went knocking on peoples' doors demanding Kit Kats and Mars Bars, people will call the police. Ah well - Happy belated Halloween, everyone!